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Eden Series | Pre-readers

Fostering the education of young minds

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Cookie Jar" is an engaging wordless pre-reader book designed to stimulate the imagination of young children while subtly introducing the concept of healthy food choices. The absence of text encourages children and their caregivers to create their own narratives, promoting interactive reading and storytelling.

The Cookie Jar pre-reader

Fetch" is a heartwarming wordless book that takes readers on an adventure with a playful dog. Join this diverse group of friends as they embark on a joyful game of fetch, where the dog's boundless energy and enthusiasm bring smiles and laughter. Through vibrant illustrations, witness the dog's playful distractions and ultimate triumphs, including a daring jump into a daunting pond. This tale celebrates the power of friendship, determination, and the simple joys of playtime. With a catchy ending that leaves a lasting impression, "Fetch" is a delightful journey that will captivate readers of all ages.

Fetch pre-reader

Embark on an extraordinary wordless journey with 'The Journey of a Little Leaf.' Through enchanting illustrations that spark the imagination, your child will traverse wind-swept skies, meander down a bubbling stream, and find tranquility in a serene pond. Watch as your little one engages with a captivating story of change, resilience, and the silent, ceaseless rhythm of nature. Our little leaf doesn't just narrate a story - it subtly instills life's profound lessons through its journey. Every turn of the page is a chance for discovery, exploration, and an understanding of the world that goes beyond words. 'The Journey of a Little Leaf' - an immersive tale that opens little eyes to the big wonders of life!

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