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Eden Series | Discover the Inspiring Journey

Unveiling a World of Adventure and


Belinda Jackson

Step into the vibrant world of imagination where dreams come to life - this is where you'll find Belinda Jackson, a seasoned children's author who hails from the picturesque landscapes of South Africa. From a tender age, Belinda harbored a passion for crafting enchanting tales for young minds, a calling that she has diligently followed ever since.


Immersing herself in the wild tranquility of the African bush, Belinda finds her sanctuary amidst the thriving wildlife and the undulating rhythms of nature. This tranquil environment serves as the backdrop for many of her tales, imbuing them with an authentic African essence.


Belinda's academic journey led her to the University of South Africa where she pursued and successfully attained dual majors in Psychology and Linguistics. Currently, she's deepening her understanding of human behavior and interaction by pursuing a Masters in Pastoral Counseling at Liberty University, with a focus on child and adolescent development and parenting.


Belinda's globetrotting adventures have seen her traverse different continents, living in diverse locales such as Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, and Texas. In 2012, she and her family made the bold move to the USA, obtaining dual citizenship in 2018. Currently, she calls the scenic city of Denver, Colorado, her home.


Throughout her life, she has imparted the gift of the English language to a broad spectrum of students and dignitaries across the world. This rich tapestry of experiences has further enriched her creativity, infusing her stories with a unique blend of cultural perspectives.


Her deep-seated love for different cultures, a flair for creativity, and a wealth of life experiences beautifully translate into her stories. Each book she authors serves as an educational journey, introducing new concepts, vocabulary, and valuable moral lessons. They encourage sequential thinking activities and provide a glimpse into different cultures, thereby underlining the beauty of diversity.


Belinda also maintains an informative blog where she shares insights about mental health and child development. You can explore her thoughts and gain a deeper understanding of her expertise on her Eden Series website.


Together with her husband of two decades, their three children, and four adorable German Shepherds, Belinda continues to live, learn, and create in Denver. She invites you to join her on this magical journey through her stories, where learning and fun meet in a kaleidoscope of color and creativity. Through her tales, she hopes to make a difference in the lives of children, helping them grow into compassionate and well-rounded individuals.

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