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Fun Facts About UNICORNS!

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Fun Facts About UNICORNS!

People’s love for the unicorn goes back many centuries. They are part of many myths and legends and are even Scotland’s national animal!

Modern pictures and drawings of the magical unicorn are rainbow-colored hair, some glitter, wings and horns. The more original version is a horse with a white head, body and mane. It also had a horn and a gold chain that wrapped around its body.

In Celtic Mythology it was a symbol of purity & innocence, as well as masculinity & power. In the 12th century it was used on the Scottish royal coat of arms.

Coat of Arms used by the Scottish Government

Coat of Arms used by the United Kingdom outside Scotland

There are even unicorn coins!

A British Pound coin with a unicorn!

Did you know that National UNICORN Day is on the

9th April?

It should really be called International Unicorn Day as people all over the world celebrate the special day for this mythical creature. Check out these fun links.

Here are some fun UNICORN CRAFTS!

Here are some fun UNICORN products!


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