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Exploring the Eden Series: Unleashing the Power of Early Literacy Development

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

As parents, educators, and book lovers, we know the importance of fostering a love for reading in children. One resource that stands out in this mission is the Eden Series, a collection of children's educational books that celebrate the beauty of the African bush and diverse cultures worldwide. This series, crafted with love and a deep understanding of early literacy development, is the brainchild of author Belinda Jackson.

Belinda Jackson, a South African-born children's author, has lived and taught English in various countries, including Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Texas, and Colorado. Her experiences across these diverse cultures, along with her background in psychology and linguistics, contribute to the richness of her work. She showcases the Big Five of Africa - the lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant, and African buffalo - in her imaginative stories, taking children on a wild and wondrous adventure​!

The Eden Series has something exciting in the pipeline, with a new wordless book titled "FETCH!" coming soon. These wordless books, also known as pre-readers, are game-changers in promoting early literacy development in young children aged 1-4 years old​.

These books are not only educational but also fun, fostering a love for reading from an early age. Furthermore, the Eden Series goes beyond books. There's an array of delightful merchandise available in the shop, from the Eden Series Sticker 3D for $5.00 to a LionStress Dad Hat for $25.00. Although the Lion Paw Denim Jacket and the Embroidered Lion Hoodie from LionStress are currently out of stock, they promise to be exceptional additions to any fan's collection​.

Belinda Jackson also shares her insights and experiences on the Eden Series blog, covering a wide range of topics. Whether you're interested in the power of pre-readers and their role in early literacy development, the significance of National Prayer Day, or mental health awareness, the blog offers something for everyone​.

In conclusion, the Eden Series is more than just a collection of children's books. It's a celebration of diverse cultures, a journey into the wild beauty of the African bush, and an educational resource that fosters early literacy development. Whether you're a parent, an educator, or simply a lover of children's literature, the Eden Series promises to be an enriching experience.

Join Belinda Jackson in this incredible journey and immerse yourself in the wondrous world of the Eden Series. Stay tuned for "FETCH!" and the many more exciting adventures yet to come.


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