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10 Best Colorado Leggings to Explore Colorado in, and Some Links to Fun Colorado Events 2021.

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

I love the creativity in Colorado leggings! Leggings are great for lounging around the house, an easy outfit to run errands in, or working out. Of course, to go for a hike or for any of the run and cycling Colorado events.

(Click this link to see the Colorado run events) (Click this link to see the Colorado cycling events) They are also very comfortable to go sight seeing in and to walk around comfortably at all the play parks, to see the Colorado farmers markets or even all the national and state parks. (Click this link to see the Colorado National & State Parks) (Click this link to see Farmer's Markets) There are also numerous museums to go see in Colorado, here is the link to go see the top 9 museums in Colorado. There are also some undiscovered museums that are incredibly fun for example the Ghost Town Museum and the Molly Brown House Museum. (Click this link to see the top 9 museums in Colorado) (Click this link to see some undiscovered museums) There is also the Downtown Aquarium, Denver Zoo, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Children's Museum of Denver, Denver Botanic Gardens, Wing's Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, Denver Art Museum and last, but not least, History Colorado Center. If you like to plan ahead and save some money (up to 38%) on admissions, get your Denver CityPASS. You choose the attractions you want to see and you have 7 days to do it in. (Click this link to get your Denver CityPASS) Here are my top 10 choices for the best Colorado leggings! 1. The classic Colorado mountain sketch leggings. You can buy these at Colorado Threads. Coloradians love to support local businesses!

2. Mandala Elephant Leggings also bought at Colorado Threads. This elephant is a symbol of power, love, peace and good luck.

(Click this link to see more leggings at Colorado Threads) 3. Colorado Splat Leggings are bought on Etsy and have great reviews! These are handmade and only $34.99 - that is an awesome price.

4. The Colorado Lips Leggings are 90% poly & 10% spandex and are super comfortable. The are also handmade and only $49.99.

5. If you want something a little more colorful, I would go with the Colorado Tribal Leggings. You are sure to catch some attention with these.

6. If Ice Hockey is your thing whether or not you support the Colorado Avalanches, you're in luck! Here are Colorado Avalanche Leggings,

7. And then there's the Colorado Rockies Leggings for all the baseball fans!

8. For all those beautiful Colorado sunrises, there is the Colorado Splat Sunrise Leggings.

9. The Colorado Galaxy leggings are very cool! I love how creative Coloradians are!

10. I could not resist these little leggings handmade by Rootled Littles! They have some really comfortable, handmade clothes for your little ones. Like these Colorado Roots Leggings for Toddlers.

Colorado inspired leggings come in a variety of fashions – we hope some of these fit your style! Please email me at with any questions!

Enjoy exploring Colorado, the colorful sunshine state!


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