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Fellow Animal Lovers and Friends,

I urge you to be extremely cautious and avoid purchasing Pomsky puppies from My own experience has turned from excitement to a nightmare, and I don't want any of you to go through the same.

The cute little puppy I thought I was going to get!
Pomsky Puppies Breeders is a scam!

Here's what happened:

  1. Fake Tracking Number: After finalizing the purchase, they provided a tracking number from which turned out to be completely bogus.

  2. Non-working Contact Information: Attempts to reach them through their provided phone numbers have been futile. Silence on their end.

  3. Financial Schemes for Non-Existent Needs: As the delivery time approached, new demands were made for a "special crate" due to supposed weather concerns, insisting on an additional $1000 payment for a 100% refundable crate. This is a classic scam tactic, leveraging urgency and the well-being of the puppy to elicit more money from victims.

  4. No Show: The puppy was scheduled no delivery, no updates, just a stark realization that this was a scam. IS A SCAM IS A SCAM

Why I'm Sharing This:

  • The manipulation and exploitation of animal lovers' emotions and finances is vile and unacceptable.

  • The promises of safe delivery and care for the animals are just a façade to scam innocent people out of their hard-earned money.

  • Awareness is the first step towards prevention. By sharing my story, I hope to prevent this scam from claiming more victims.

Please, for the safety of your finances and the well-being of these animals, do not engage with this site or similar scams. Always do thorough research and consider adopting from local shelters or buying from reputable breeders.

Let's spread the word and protect our community from such scams. Your share could save someone from a huge loss.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share. Let's look out for each other and our furry friends. 🐾💔 IS A SCAM IS A SCAM


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