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Illustrated & written by Belinda Jackson



Belinda Jackson

Listening when the answer is no! Every child has some trouble listening to "no". This book is a fantastic lesson of what happened to Mandla, Becka, and Sifo when they chose to disobey. A valuable life long lesson to be learned with fun pictures and educational activities set in the heart of Africa. Engaging story with educational activities such as sequencing, spot the difference, learning vocabulary in another language, match the animal footprints, the Big 5 and the Little 5 African Animals and a good lesson on listening.

Troubalo with Buffalo

Troubalo With Buffalo

Belinda Jackson

Listening to rules is important as they serve to help keep us safe, help guide us effectively and support us. When we don't listen to instructions or follow rules we can put ourselves and others in danger. Along with a good lesson on listening to instructions the book has colorful pictures with lots of different African animals like the African buffalo, elephant, okapi, giraffes, rhinos, meerkats, eland, waterbuck, baboons, monkeys, anteaters and oryx. You learn new words in a different culture and introduce your children to new characters of color who are the main characters of the story. Don't delay in helping your child develop complex cognitive listening skills.

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The Cookie Jar

Belinda Jackson

Who doesn’t love cookies? The Cookie Jar is a wordless book for your child to read on their own or conversationally with a parent/guardian. Encouraging reading a variety of books at an early age helps your preschooler/toddler develop a love for reading. This has many psychological and mental benefits. Children who are exposed to more reading opportunities not only have a richer vocabulary but also more advanced oral communication skills. As a direct result of this your child will have increased listening and receptive skills. The benefits to reading early are endless and seen in improved self-confidence with peers and adults resulting in a stronger self-image. Your child will also have more social awareness and help those that are struggling. By introducing your child to pre-readers, also known as wordless books, at a young age you encourage creativity and imagination. The world opens to new possibilities once you can read. Your preschooler will be cognitively and psychologically ahead and not stressed with learning in a classroom full of kids. Five Benefits: 1. Promotes a love for reading and lifelong learning. With that comes knowledge.2. Promotes conversation and therefore advanced communication skills such as verbal, reasoning and listening skills.3. Promotes imagination and creativity.4. Builds confidence in reading and therefore the child will not be fearful to go to the next level, they will therefore be more fluent readers.5. It promotes improved attention spans and better concentration. One starts with a few pages and gradually increase the amount as the child develops mentally. What a joy it is to see your child pick up a book and page through it without you having to ask! My prayer is that these books will help you help your child!

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What Are Germs?

Belinda Jackson

What are germs? Learn about germs that can make you sick and how you can protect yourself with little things like staying at home when you are sick and washing your hands.