5 Key Reasons Why Listening Matters.

Ever found yourself daydreaming or thinking about your "to do" list while someone is talking to you? Truth is, a lot of us are guilty of this. Is the person talking not important, heck no. We're distracted and have other things on our mind. We live in a society where there is a constant demand for our time and attention. Most of us multitask and one of those tasks always suffers as a result.

Why is listening so important?

1. Listening makes the speaker feel significant.

We all have an inherent need to feel special and loved. We can eliminate a lot of hatred and hurt by making someone feel that they are heard.

2. Listening says, “What I have to say matters.”

Listening usually means you will ask the right questions and reflect on the right topics. You’re not looking at the person thinking, “Holy cow, please don’t ask me a question I have no clue what you just said!”

3. Listening builds relationship.

You are not cutting the conversation short or changing the subject because you have no clue what the speaker just said. You’re asking questions and making statements. This shows the person talking, “Wow, they are are really interested!” This builds relationship!

4. Listening makes one feel acknowledged.

We all want to be heard. Listening does that through our responses and acknowledgment of what is said.

5. Lastly, listening gives you something to talk about when you see that person again.

Mentioning topics in the last conversation solidifies all the points mentioned above. This is key as it builds a connection. We all want and thrive on connection.

Let’s listen to each other and let’s train our children to be good listeners!

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